Data Protection

GDPR has an impact on the use of CCTV systems whether used for security or health and safety purposes.

Capturing identifiable imagery is considered personal data under the GDPR and therefore, at a data protection level, requires the same level of thought and care that is being paid to other affected areas of business.

The onus is on you to comply with GDPR.

We go even further in supporting you by ensuring that you are compliant with data protection legislation.  We provide the following as standard for all sites under our care,

  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Privacy Statements
  • Subject Access Request Management
  • Surveillance System Documented Justification
  • Site Signage
  • Expert Support & Guidance

To learn more about how GDPR impacts on the use of CCTV and how we can support you in remaining compliant, contact one of our Security Specialists.