TSS Lite Towers

TSS Lite Towers

Our client had a requirement for a rapidly deployable low-cost security solution for a site earmarked for construction.  The size of the site would have necessitated the need for at least 3 CCTV towers, however, budgetary constraints demanded a more innovative solution!

Our Proposal:

We looked at the problem and came up with a tailored solution, one that involved the creation of a more cost-efficient camera tower system.  Working with our manufacturing partners we developed the TSS Lite, a free standing highly mobile tower either fitted with RSi, Oculi or a standard IP camera.  We deployed 3 of these towers across the site, monitored 24/7.  The site was effectively locked down and potential intruders deterred from trying to gain entry.  Once again, another happy client!

We will always work with you in finding the most effective solution for your site and budget.

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